Funky Suite: Body and Soul

Funky Suite:  Body and Soul (premiered October 2004) evening length (40 min)

The premiere work of dance theatre XFunky Suite: Body and Soulis an all-male tour-de-force that unflinchingly examines the themes of memory, belonging, and sexuality. Drawing upon the writings of such artists/ activists as Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs, and James Baldwin, Anderson moves beyond conventional associations of Black masculinity and toward possibilities for struggle and vulnerability. Set in a space that is sometimes sacred and other times profane, the work goes from tension to resolution and back again as it confronts  ‘memory images’ (drawn from the experiences of the all queer cast) of being gay, Black, and ‘other’ in contemporary urban culture.

“We were not mere culture consumers but welcome guests at his house party. …moving and uproarious.” -Merilyn Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Funky Suite: Body and Soul World Premiere Review, October 20, 2003