In-Ou (premiered April 2008, Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia) 30 minutes

In-ou, which means “hidden shadows” in Japanese,was choreographed by premier Japanese choreographer, Kota Yamazaki as part of a exhange residency sponsored by The Painted Bride Arts Center and funded by Dance Advance and the Japan Society.  The Philadelphia City Paper describes the work as “four dancers dressed in black engaged in gestures gleaned from an amalgam of genres through Butoh, a slow-moving, internally directed style that demands intense focus from both the performer and the audience. With the dancers’ movements so slow and measured, their figures were like mystical apparitions stepping in and out of a dreamscape. A rhythmic-minimalist-techno-industrial soundtrack enhanced the ambience, though it was the sheer elegance of the dancers — whose bodies artfully bent and twisted while arms and legs unraveled and retracted in languid, fluid fashion — that made the work soar. At times dancers skittered about, perched on tiptoes, arms stretched out wide like wings, as if they were floating on air. On occasion a dancer engaged in an energetic burst, which proffered the thought of a person being of more than one mind. This was but one of the abstract psychological intricacies of Inou, which warrants multiple viewings to peel through its layers. “