Evidences of Things Unsaid / World Headquarters

Evidences of Things Unsaid /World Headquarters (premiered October 2012, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA) 20-30 minutes

Evidences of Things Unsaid is inspired by late science fiction writer, Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. It is a visually sparse dance theatre work about being moved (both literally and metaphorically)…to action, to prayer, to make positive change….  Structurally, the piece invites the audience to move non-linearly between our bleak present, a fragmented speculative future, and a spiritual state of liminality that stands on the shoulders of Butler’s musings. It is an ‘afrofuturist’ kinetic mythology that observes, ruminates, and responds to the shifting social, economic and ecological climate of the 21st Century. It is set in a time and space where notions of social redemption and of salvation to facilitate human agency have radically diminished and where sounds from the past wash over a present state of desolation.  By far my most abstract work, I was interested in turning the performers into moving museum objects, holographs.  I was trying to create a state of liminality and (for me) expressive minimalism as a way to amplify physical impulses driven by fear, apathy and disconnectedness- contexts which denies the possibility of revolutionary transformation yet demands nothing less. This work was made possible by generous support from the National Performance Network’s Creation and Forth Funds.

“..can take your breath away with its ferocity and athleticism.” -Seattle Times