Beijing Dance Festival

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This past summer, I was invited to set one of my shorter works entitled Rite on Ziru Procutions based in San Francisco, CA. We took the work to the Beijing Modern Dance Festival where I also performed a solo from my latest project Restless Natives.  Led and planned by the artistic director of Beijing Dance / LDTX, Mr. Willy Tsao, co-hosted with Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hong Kong City Contemporary  Dance Company as well as Beijing JUN YUE Art School and the Dance Institute of China, the 1st Beijing Dance Festival was held from July 15 to July 29, 2012.  The work was well-received and generated some lively discussion around cultural tradition and globalization. To say that I was blown away by the experience would be an understatement.  It is my sincere hope to go back to China with DTX to teach and perform next season!