Restless Natives UT Residency was a success!

Restless Natives, DTX’s newest project and final installment of the Parables of Mutants and Madmen Trilogy completed its first artistic residency at the University of Texas at Austin May-June 2012.  After two weeks of dramaturgy, movement workshopping and open company classes, we held an open rehearsal to show what we developed to local supporters.  Our next residency for the piece will be in May, 2013 where we will also have the incomparable Ursula Rucker in the house!  We are on track to have an amazing preview performance in September, 2013 at Texas Performing Arts.   Mark your calendars!

Restless Natives is a non-linear dance theatre piece that asks and responds to the question, “Do you love me?” within shifting thematic contexts of race, gender, class, and politics drawing from contemporary and traditional African Diasporic music and movement forms and theatrical conventions.  The piecere-imagines the characters of Another Country- musicians, writers and artists of various racial, sexual, and social backgrounds- situating them in a series of contemporary conversations, confessions and bar fights within a jukejoint called “Home.”  At “Home” time vacillates between past and present; and characters who might be labelled straight or gay, black or white, male or female, rich or poor all commingle, albeit sometimes painfully.   The continual presence of blues music and rhythms are used to reinforce and link the ways in which the protagonists individually and collectively identify with the ability of the blues to facilitate escape from the world’s definitions and become that rare, unattainable thing:  themselves.  Ultimately, Restless Natives pays homage to Baldwin’s critique of a “moral” and “democratic” America that fosters prejudice based on race, class, and sexuality; it serves as a blues saturated commentary on the current socio-political landscape of 21st century America.